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Internship to build the Test-benches

hkbk - April 1, 2021 - 0 comments

I would like to inform you about the internship to build the test-benches for our lab.

The internship topic:

  • Topic “Design and produce the CVT test-bench”
  • Topic “Design and produce the FLS test-bench”

Number of students per topic:

  • For CVT test-bench: 2 students will be hired for internship at Bosch. These two students can lead a group of other students of faculty to realize the works
  • For FLS test-bench: 1 or 2 student will be hired based on the competence/skill of student. If student can handle the mechanical part and control part, only one student is sufficient.

The general content of each topic and also the profile of student: These information was shared and explained in our last meeting. You can use these information to communicate with student.

Main location: Bosch R&D center, 15th floor, Deuches Hauss, 33 Le Duan, District 1

Starting time: expectation 12th April 2021

Could you please help to forward these information to students of Transportation Engineering Faculty.

The students will send the CV to email and mention the interested topic in email.

Our HR and owner of each topic will select the suitable candidate and conduct the interview.

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