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The scholarship from Prof. HeeChang LIM, Pusan National University for both Msc and PhD students who possess the background of fluid dynamics and wind energy

hkbk - April 16, 2021 - 0 comments

Prof. HeeChang LIM is looking for both Msc and PhD students who possess the background of fluid dynamics. It would be beneficial to have the great passion to work with us. He prefers one or two Msc, and one PhD.

The scholarship in the university is summarized as follows,

1.       Prof. HeeChang LIM is currently supporting the foreign students in the laboratory around 1,000$ every month for Msc candidate, and around 1,300$ for PhD from the beginning.

2.       Regarding the tuition fee, the foreign students will get a discount half a tuition fee, which would be around 1,500$ each term.

3.       Sometimes, the condition is appropriate, the accommodation will be available (but the monthly fee must be made, around 250$ every month)

The application gate is now fully open and the deadline will be early May. Therefore, students must apply it by online and the submission of the original document is made until the early May. (see the attachment) While students will apply for the application, then students needs Prof. HeeChang LIM’s help in the middle of application.


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