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Two PhD Student Positions on Viscoelastic Flow Analyses

hkbk - May 13, 2021 - 0 comments

Institute: Rheology and Materials Processing Lab., School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Gyeongsang National University, KOREA
Location: Jinju, KOREA
Contact: Prof. Wook Ryol Hwang (E-mail:; URL:
Description: Rheology and Materials Processing Lab. invites the application for two Ph.D student positions on modeling and analyses for viscoelastic fluid flows. The objectives of the works are two- fold: (i) Numerical simulations, experiments and theoretical development of viscoelastic flows in agitators and/or continuous flows, which facilitates on-line monitoring of viscoelastic properties and in-situ and on-site viscoelastic fluid identification; and (ii) Slip characterization of a viscoelastic fluid over corrugated surfaces (patterned surface or porous media interface.) The first subject is aimed to quantify viscoelastic properties (relaxation modulus, elastic modulus, loss modulus, etc.) through torque/pressure responses of the agitator/continous flows. The second subject is on the slip length characterization with the effective Navier slip. Both the subjects are extension of the previous works done recently in our group and include experiments with rheologically complex fluids.
Applicants should have M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemical Engineering, or related fields. Computer programming experience with FEM, FVM or similar are highly recommended. It is also possible to invite graduates from university as M.S. student, only if he/she wishes to continue to pursue Ph.D degree with our group via the combined MS/PhD program.
Financial support: The salary will be determined later exactly (at least 1,600,000 KRW per month for a PhD student, and 1,400,000 KRW per month during the master period of the Combined M.S./PhD program).
Requirement for English: TOEFL(PBT 530, CBT 197, iBT 71), IELTS 5.5, CEFR B2, TEPS 600(New TEPS 327) or higher results or an equivalent national-level English language certificate
※ Note : English language requirement is waived for an applicant from the following country where
English is used as the native or an official language: New Zealand, Singapore, India, Philippines,
Australia, United States of America, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, etc.

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